The Outcomes of Humanistic Nursing for Critical Care Nurses: A Qualitative Study

Document Type : Original Article


Background: Despite the importance and the necessity of humanistic approaches to care, there are limited studies into their outcomes for nurses. Objectives: The aim of this study was to explore the outcomes of humanistic nursing for critical care nurses (CCNs). Methods: This qualitative study was conducted through conventional content analysis. Data were collected through semi‑structured interviews with 16 CCNs purposively selected from hospitals in Ahvaz, Iran. Trustworthiness of the data was ensured using Lincoln and Guba’s criteria. Results: The outcomes of humanistic nursing were grouped into three main categories, namely personal growth and self‑actualization, protection of personal dignity, and greater satisfaction and comfort. Each of these categories had three subcategories which were development of abilities, self‑concept and self‑worth, spiritual transcendence; greater popularity, improved social status of nursing, appreciation, respect, and support for nurses; and happiness, satisfaction, and motivation, respectively. Conclusion: Humanistic approaches to care help fulfill the needs of both patients and nurses. The findings of this study provide a deeper understanding about how to reinforce humanistic behaviors and can be used in nursing education and practice