Job Characteristics and Work Adjustment among Iranian Nurses: A Correlational Study

Document Type : Original Article



Background: Job characteristics (JCs) are an important factor in successful task performance and successful work adjustment (WA). Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between JCs and WA among Iranian nurses. Methods: This descriptive correlational study was carried out in 2018 on 190 nurses randomly recruited from Shahid Beheshti University Hospital, Kashan, Iran. Data were collected using a demographic questionnaire, the JCs Questionnaire, and the WA Questionnaire. Data analysis was performed through the independent‑samples t‑test, the one‑way analysis of variance, the Pearson correlation analysis, and the linear regression analysis. Results: The total mean scores of JCs and WA were, respectively, 70.43 ± 45.07 and 3.23 ± 0.43. JCs had significant but weak correlation with WA (r = 0.29; P = 0.001). JCs, age, and employment status were identified as predictors of WA (r2 = 0.076; P = 0.001). Conclusion: Nursing managers can promote nurses’ WA by paying greater attention to their perception of their JCs and promoting their professional autonomy.