Determining Nursing Research Priorities in Lao People’s Democratic Republic: A Modified Delphi Study

Document Type : Original Article



Background: Determining research priorities is important not only to support evidence‑based nursing practice, but also to direct nursing research based on the needs of each country. However, there is no single study identified in Lao People’s Democratic Republic that sets research priorities in nursing. Objective: This study was to gain consensus from experts on the priorities of nursing research in Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Methods: A modified Delphi study was used, which consisted of three rounds. A focus group discussion was used in round I. In round II, the results of content analysis in round I were electronically presented to all participants and asked them to rate the importance of each topic using a 5‑point Likert scale. In round III, the results of round II were presented using mean score, and the participants were again asked to rate each topic using the same scale. Results: The top five priorities include: (i) evaluation of the implementation of nursing documentation based on nursing process, (ii) developing and updating standard of nursing practice for typical diseases, (iii) development of professional nurses and preceptor competency, (iv) motivational system and nurse satisfaction and their effects on nurse performance, and (v) utilization of evidence‑based practice to improve nursing practice. Conclusion: The results of this study serve as an input for developing nursing research agenda in Lao and enhancing international research collaboration that focuses on health system and nursing management