Older Adults’ Barriers to Use Technology in Daily Life: A Qualitative Study

Document Type : Original Article


Background: Aging is associated with declines in individuals’ physical and mental abilities. Technological assistance can improve older adults’ independence, functional performance, and health. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to explore experiences regarding barriers to use technology in daily life among older adults. Methods: This qualitative study was conducted on twenty older adults referred to Urban Comprehensive Health Service Centers, Kashan. The main interview questions were “What does the word technology bring to your mind? Which electrical household appliances do you use during your daily life? and What are the barriers you experience during the use of technology?” Data were collected through semi‑structured interviews and analyzed using conventional content analysis. Results: Three main themes emerged: aging‑related barriers (physical and mental limitations), individual barriers (educational limitations, limited access to technology, and unfavorable attitudes toward technology), and barriers related to the appliances. Conclusion: Older adults experience multiple barriers to use technology in their daily life. Educational interventions may enhance older adults’ utilization of technology in daily life of this population.