Women’s Experiences of Making Decision to do a Liposuction Surgery


1 1Trauma Nursing Research Center, Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Kashan, IR Iran

2 2Kashan Anatomical Research Centre, Kashan University of Medical Science, Kashan, IR Iran



Background Nowadays, the number of cosmetic surgery clients -whose majority are females- is increasing all around the world. One of the most common, difficult and time consuming cosmetic surgeries is liposuction that may be accompanied with dangerous complications. As regards to the probability of developing severe complications and even death, this question comes to mind that what are the reasons of liposuction clients’ tendency to undergo this surgery. Objectives This study was conducted to explore the women's experiences from making decision to do a liposuction surgery. Materials and Methods Present study was conducted based on a qualitative content analysis method. The main method of data collecting was semi-structured open-ended interviews and taking interviews was continued till the data saturation was achieved. Participants have been selected purposefully among female clients had undergone liposuction at least three months before taking interviews. Results Thirteen 30-55 years old women had undergone liposuction in the past one-five years, participated in the study. Two main themes including “desire for beauty” and “risk accepting” were extracted from data. "beauty era", "ugliness era" and "desire for returning to beauty era" categorized as subthemes of “desire for beauty”; and "living under pressure", "trying to compensate", "reaching to the end of line" and "accepting the risk of operation" categorized as subthemes of “risk accepting”. Conclusions Making the decision to undergo liposuction accompanies with facing risks. Understanding these clients’ experiences may help health care team to provide a better care; and other people to make a better decision.