Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 1-77 
The concept of maternal care quality for women with low-risk pregnancy in the maternity ward: An integrative review

Pages 1-10

Zohreh Khakbazan .; Maryam Damghanian .; Armin Zareiyan .; Fatemeh Abbaszadeh .

The relationship between health locus of control and self-efficacy in patients with heart failure

Pages 31-36

. Yaser Moradi; . Samira Amin Al Shara; . Farideh Namadi; . Farzin Mollazadeh

Dedication in nursing: A concept analysis

Pages 62-70

. Raheleh Sabetsarvestani; . Emine Geçkil; . Zahra Hadian Shirazi

Attitudes of health care providers toward discussing treatment-associated costs with patients in the clinical settings: A cross-sectional study

Pages 71-77

. Huthaifah Khrais; . Ibrahim Khrais; . Malek Mohammad Khalil; . Anas Husam Khalifeh; . Fadwa Alhalaiqa