Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2015 
Nursing Students’ Competencies in Evidence-Based Practice and Its Related Factors

Pages 46-50

Tahereh Ashktorab; Tahereh Ashktorab; Shahzad Pashaeypoor; Maryam Rassouli; Hamid Alavi-Majd

Effect of Using Eye Mask on Sleep Quality in Cardiac Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Pages 9-14

Atye Babaii; Atye Babaii; Mohsen Adib-Hajbaghery; Ali Hajibagheri

Developing a Questionnaire for Iranian Women’s Attitude on Medical Ethics in Vaginal Childbirth

Pages 20-26

Firoozeh Mirzaee Rabor; Ali Taghipour; Moghaddameh Mirzaee; Khadigeh Mirzaii Najmabadi; Masoud Fazilat Pour; Seyed Hosein Fattahi Masoum

Social Accountability in Nursing Education: A Necessary Yet Neglected Issue

Pages 51-52

Mohammad Sharafkhani; Mohammad Reza Armat; Amir Emami Zeydi

Job Involvement and Organizational Commitment of Employees of Prehospital Emergency Medical System

Pages 33-38

Alireza Rahati; Hossein Sotudeh-Arani; Mohsen Adib-Hajbaghery; Majid Rostami

The Effect of Music on Anxiety and Cardiovascular Indices in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Pages 39-45

Saeide Heidari; Mohammad Abbasinia; Atye Babaii; Mohammad Abbasinia; Mahdi Shamali; Mohammad Abbasi; Mahboobe Rezaei